Can’t Decide If You Want a Goaliath or Goalrilla Goal?

What if we could get you a REAL Goalrilla Goal, for a little over $200 more?

Maybe you just visited a major sporting goods store and considered purchasing the Goaliath Goal. You saw the awesome Goalrilla Goals, but couldn’t justify spending the extra bucks. Now you have gone online to find the best price available. We used to carry Goaliath goals years ago, but we had too many customer complaints to warrant carrying the goal any longer. We exclusively carry the lowest priced Goalrilla that you will find anywhere! Learn more about the Goalrilla GS54

Top 10 reasons to buy a Goalrilla over a Goaliath:

  1. Mitered and welded yoke armsThe Goaliath uses a bent yoke arm, which compromises the strength of the steel and will not provide the same stability
  2. Thicker glass in the backboard Goalrilla uses at least 20% thicker glass, which is less likely to break or shatter with aggressive play, and gives you a gymnasium quality rebound
  3. 1 piece pole – The Goaliath utilizes a two piece pole system vs. the Goalrilla one piece pole system. A two piece pole system does not allow for dunking or aggressive play. Over time the two piece pole will start to lean and cannot be fixed. Goalrilla uses a 1 piece steel pole that stands up to aggressive play and dunking. When choosing a goal, a one piece pole is essential. 
  4. Longer overhangthis allows a safer distance from player to the pole when playing underneath
  5. Lifetime warranty, including the glass – Goaliath offers a 5 year warranty.  If parts are needed and the system is out of warranty, they are very hard to obtain, if not impossible.  Goalrilla replacement parts are much easier to find
  6. Larger, beefier post – Goaliath goals utilize a 4″x4″ post.  The minimum post size for a Goalrilla is 5″x5″, and goes all the way up to 6″x8″
  7. Heavy duty actuator w/ removable handleeasier to adjust and allows you to set a fixed height if you remove the handle, also included in the lifetime warranty of the Goalrilla
  8. Dunking approved!Dunking is not recommended on the Goaliath due to the two-piece pole and smaller construction of the goal
  9. Easier installThe two-piece swedged pole makes for a much more difficult installation
  10. It won’t wobble as muchcheck out this video, showing a kid dunking and playing on a Goaliath. Here’s another one. Do you want that kind of shake, wobble and flex? Me neither…

Look at what you get when you step up to a real Goalrilla goal!


Goaliath vs. Goalrilla